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Mount Zulu Coffee

Mt.Zulu Single Origin

Mt.Zulu Single Origin

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Discover the exquisite flavor of our single-origin coffee from Buesaco, Colombia. This 100% Arabica coffee, with a cupping score of 84.5, is distinguished by its citrus acidity, floral and fruity profile, and subtle notes of chocolate that create a balanced and unique flavor experience. Roasted in small batches to guarantee maximum freshness and quality, our gourmet coffee is the perfect choice for true coffee lovers. Additionally, the volcanic soil of the Nariño region, where this coffee is grown, brings special characteristics to the product, such as its richness in minerals and nutrients, which translate into exceptional taste and aroma. Enjoy a cup of high-quality coffee and discover the unique nuances that only our Buesaco coffee can offer!

Single Origin from Buesaco, Colombia: Grown in the majestic Andes mountains, where nature weaves a perfect setting for the finest coffee.

    100% Colombian Arabica: Made from the highest quality beans, grown under the best conditions.

    Environmental and Social Harmony: Committed to sustainable and socially responsible farming practices, with women playing a leading role in our production process.

    Exquisite Flavor Profile: Citrus acidity, with a floral and fruity profile and chocolate notes offering a balanced taste experience.


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